The Age of Conan First… That wasn’t.

Today’s announcement of the first tier 3 city missed the mark by nearly a month. In reality Lords of the Dead completed their tier 3 in early September on the DeathWhisper server. Oops… Congrats to both guilds as it is an achievement. I guess someone fell asleep at AoC central and missed the Lords of the Dead achievement.



Groo: That Other Barbarian

While digging through my older comics I came across Sergio Aragone’s Groo The Wanderer #1. Not having read it in many years I decided to add it to my reading list. Still hilarious and highly recommended for a good laugh, however, not easy to find. Luckily Dark Horse Comics released “Groo: Hell On Earth” last month with 112 pages of Groo idiocy and many of the older Marvel issues have been bound together in collections that can be found on Amazon and eBay. If you prefer the original issues and can’t find them on eBay go to your local comic shop you might get lucky and find a few issues.



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